Gift Giving 101: Introduction to Wrapping, Ribbons, Gift Cards

Christmas may still be several weeks away, but it’ll arrive in a flash. If you got all your holiday shopping done on Black Friday, the next problem is wrapping and actually giving your gifts.

I don’t consider myself a good gift picker. However, I am an excellent gift giver. I knew the moment that I first wrapped a gift that I was destined to share with the world my secrets to successful gift-wrapping. Okay, they’re not all my secrets and they’re not actually secrets. In less dramatic words, here are some gift-giving hacks to get you through the holidays.

Lesson #1: Wrapping

Picture the scene: It’s Christmas Day, you’re due at your family gathering any minute, and you have an unreal amount of gifts to wrap. Here are a few gift-wrapping techniques to nail down before that moment of stress.

How to wrap gifts well

Need to learn how to wrap a basic box? This video will get you up to par.

How to wrap gifts fast

You can wrap, now you need to wrap quickly.

BONUS: How not to wrap gifts

Ellie Kemper is the gift-wrapper from hell.

Lesson #2: Appearance

I know the wrapping paper will be torn and tossed aside, the ribbon cut and discarded, but I have to make each present look absolutely flawless. I’m also anti-Christmas-wrapper, so I have to muster up a bit more creativity when wrapping presents.

Multicolored Pom Pom String Garland

You can attach this as quirky addition to any gift.

You will need:

  1. Bag of pom poms
  1. String
  1. Needle with large eye

Parcel Theme


If you don’t think you’re creativity is top-notch, a simple yet sophisticatedly foolproof theme is to wrap gifts like a package for mailing.

You’ll need:

  1. Postal wrapping paper
  1. Raffia or twine
  1. A tag for a the label

The Importance of the Ribbon and Bow


So many ribbons and bows at the Dollar Tree

Even at a young age, I was incredibly particular about how gifts were wrapped. Presents always had to be in a box or bag—wrapping the item itself was and is just appalling to me—and if it was boxed, the present must have a bow or ribbon. Whether it’s a basic ribbon or a fancy fabric ribbon, every gift box needs one.

Lesson #3: Gift Cards

6710868859_f0194e16d4_oI love getting gift cards, but it’s difficult giving them, particularly because how to present them is often ambiguous. Do I just hand the card to the person? Do I include a minor gift with the card and if I do does that subtract from the card total? If you find yourself in similar conundrums when giving gift cards, maybe these ideas will help. And the answer is “no” to the latter question—supplemental gifts do not subtract from the gift card total.

How to enhance a plain gift card

  1. Put it in a giant box, fill it with peanuts, wrap it and laugh while you watch your giftee look for the card inside.
  1. Attach the card to your giftee’s favorite candies or snacks. You can’t go wrong with junk food as a gift, especially since we tend to brush off our normal eating habits during the holidays anyway.
  1. Place the gift card in between the pages of a book. Locate you nearest thrift store or second-hand bookshop, find a decent book and now you’re giftee has two presents.
  1. I like tacky, sarcastic knick-knacks. I once received a gift card taped to the bottom of a brick—it was definitely weird, but also funny. Grab the ugliest, tackiest, weirdest thing you can find and you might end up gifting something that someone will keep forever.


The aesthetic of a gift really shows how much effort was put into the whole present. I know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but the outside should be just as impressive.


That’s a wrap. Happy gifting!


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